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  1. Supply accessible, engaging and educational DJ and Music Production tuition, projects and workshops.

  2. Use our activities to raise confidence and improve wellbeing for all people, regardless of age, sex or religious belief

  3. Generate income 

  4. Raise the profile of our art form by formalising accreditation for DJs as musicians to levels equivalent to traditional instrumentalists.

  5. To promote the enjoyment of mixing and manipulating music. 

  6.  To stimulate and unlock creative potential in people.


  1. DJs are musicians.

  2. The turntable is a musical instrument.

  3. DJing is easy and accessible at first but can be as hard as you can handle.

  4. It is fun, a great hobby, rewarding, a pathway into all music and can lead to a wide range of careers.




  1. The safety and support of the young people and children who visit us.

  2. The safety and support of everyone else who visits us or we come into contact with 

  3. Find positives in all types of Music 

  4. DJing in all its forms and formats.



  • Redtape Central - Sheffield, UK

  • Handsworth Grange Community Sports College

  • Sheffield University

  • Anns Grove Primary School

  • Parkwood Academy- Sheffield, UK

  • Sheffield Music Hub- Sheffield, UK

  • Get Sorted Music Academy - Rotherham, UK

  • The Stone Soup Project - Nottingham, UK

  • Arnold Youth Club - Nottingham, UK

  • Sheffield College of Music- Sheffield, UK

  • Musical Works- Sheffield , UK

  • Sheffield United Kickz - Sheffield , UK

  • Rotherham College of Arts and Technology - Rotherham, UK

  • Blackburn Primary School, Rotherham, UK

Alongside teaching, Ian has collaborated with a number of arts organisations and charities such as:

  • Sheffield Music Hub

  • Foxhill Forum

  • Artfelt - Sheffield Children's Hospital

  • Music in the Round

  • Sheffield Cathedral Archer Project

  • Sheffield Foyer

  • Sheffield Site Gallery

  • Sheffield Hallam University

  • Football Unites Racism


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