Music Production 

Ableton Live in Performance

If you have heard the hype about Ableton, well I can tell you its all true. This programme is a DAW with a unique twist. If you like to work hands on and on the fly, then Ableton Live is for you.

You will learn Ableton through Push controllers, that natively map to the software, making the experience very satisfying. You can no very litlle about music production and start to see immediate results.

This workshop is designed to be a social and learning experience. The aim is to develop electronic musicianship skills and perform songs as they were written in Ableton Live. Oh and enjoy free coffee and biscuits while having fun of course

Level 1  

Course Content​:
  • DAW Overview and layout
  • How the DAW relates to your Push
  • Simple loop play in session view
  • Organising your loops
  • The differences between MIDI and Audio
  • Recording basic arrangements on the fly
Level 2 
Course Content
  • The clip editor overview for audio
  • Warping audio
  • Applying basic envelopes
  • Arranging clips in scenes
  • Introduction to Simpler
  • Understanding basic audio effects
Level 3
Course Content
  • Exploring other instruments in Live
  • Introduction to MIDI effects
  • Applying scale mode
  • What is quantize
  • Recording clips in step
  • Introduction to the Drum Rack
  • Recording drum clips in overdub
Level 4
Course Content
  • Preparing projects for performance
  • Working as a group
  • Basic use of arrangement view
  • Communicating your score
  • Introduction to Ableton Link
  • Preparation for jam
  • Recording a jam as a group

SUITABILITY: Beginners to Ableton Live or using it for performance 

PRICE: £80 per person for all 4 levels. Please ensure you can make all four workshops before committing, as no refunds will be given if you quit one week into the course


CLASS TIMES: Sunday 3pm -5pm

DURATION: 4 consecutive Sunday afternoons


CLASS SIZE: 6 people maximum.