We have sessions and courses to suit all ages and abilities. You can be a complete beginner or a DJ Producer that wants to improve your skills. 

You do not need a DJ set up of your own, as Creative DJ School  provide all the equipment in the sessions. You can rest assure that you will be using high quality DJ hardware, preparing you for professional situations.




Please note that you mix in headphones during the group course sessions and the speakers are only used to showcase your skills when you feel confident. Learning to mix in headphones is such an important skill and often overlooked by modern DJs. Often DJs are unprepared when headphones are there only  monitor source and you will be glad that you have trained this way. Also its great for practicing mixes late at night when you cant disturb your neighbours. 

In Room 1 the decks are linked to a PA mixer and can be put on speakers at the touch of a fader.In Room 2 we have a set up permanently linked to speakers.